Obtain stronger lungs and attain peak performance as an athlete!

Breath training has helped a sizeable population of athletes to achieve their top physical state.

Perfect for Professional & Inspiring Athletes at All Levels of Competition. Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists | Train Lung Endurance & Unblocks Airways

Respiratory deficiencies among athletes are more common than you think, and most athletes have less information about such facts. Several studies concluded 15-20% of professional athletes suffer from basic respiratory issues. Plus, poor lung health (irrespective of respiratory issues) directly impacts their performance.

But there is good news.

It helps you:

Ease breathing and relieve shortness of breath

Keep airways open longer

Decrease oxygen demand

Strengthen your diaphragm

Release trapped air

Breathing Trainers act as a catalyst that accelerates lung healing by enhancing your respiratory endurance.

How does BREINEX Pro accelerate your potential?

More Oxygen Supply

On-field sports performances depend on how efficiently you can deliver oxygen to your body to stay active and dynamic. Also, higher oxygen levels help muscles recover quickly between practice sessions and games.

Supports deep breathing

Deep Breathing enables aerobic respiration, which powers your muscles, improves physical function, and provides energy during times of stress.

Deep breathing plays a significant role in building respiratory strength, empowering athletes with

  • Faster recovery
  • Control over shortness of breath
  • Reduces anxiety (in close games)
  • Enhances stamina
  • Improves blood pressure

While many exercises help you achieve deep breathing, RTDs showed higher efficiency with hardly any time spent on training (~5 minutes daily.)

Cardiovascular Functions

The coherence of cardiovascular functions is directly proportional to the lung capacity. Plus, efficient breathing while running contributes to higher stamina, boosting your athletic performance.

How can you achieve it?


Break the wall of breathing deficiency. Bridge the gap between you and your peak performance with BREINEX Pro.

Carry your respiratory coach in your pocket.

BREINEX Pro weighs only 72 grams.

If you can’t imagine how light that is, let’s just say it is equivalent to the weight of an egg.

It is small, light, and portable!

3 Easy steps to head towards healthier lungs


Get the order, open the pack

Start using BREINEX Pro daily

Notice gradual changes and heap towards respiratory strength like never before. It is easy and convenient to use and is less time-consuming – You only need to spend five minutes daily. Use BREINEX Pro, Enhance your respiratory health!

Breath Better.

Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £24.99.

Everyone Is Talking About BREINEX

Sam Colins: I have been using the BREINEX Breathing Trainer for the past 2 months and have realized a significant improvement in my endurance. I am able to run/walk further distances, with less effort, than ever before. I have also started achieving higher scores in my annual lung function test at work. This is a product that I would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level!


Your BREINEX Pack!

Kit Includes:
BREINEX Breathing Trainer
Medical grade and Latex-free mouthpiece
Nose clip
Air filters
User manual

Breinex PRO

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Breath Better.

Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £24.99.

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