Take your Yoga benefits to a whole new level with breathing trainers!

Yoga is one of the best and most natural ways to improve respiratory health. It has made millions of lives healthier for the past 5000 years, and ample scientific evidence supports its efficacy.

Yoga enhances oxygen intake, strengthens the chest muscles, and maximizes lung capacity. Respiratory training devices boost these benefits even further.

RTDs proved effective for a sizable population, and here’s why you should try them as well.

Introducing BREINEX Plus

BREINEX Plus is customized for people who actively engage in exercise practices like Yoga. It elevates their respiratory performance and improves their overall health, adding calmness to their mental health.

How exactly will BREINEX Plus help you maximize Yoga benefits?

Deep Breathing

Resistive breathing pushes your diaphragm and lungs beyond their natural limits and helps you reach your full potential. The benefits of Yoga will multiply when you practice deep breathing.

A few of them include:

-Anxiety and Stress management
-Better sleep
-Improved focus

Exercise effectively

When we breathe in oxygen, glucose inside our bodies is broken down into energy-giving adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Exercise is often hampered by lack of breathing power.

By improving tolerance, respiratory training improves your ability to exercise for a more extended period. Intensive exercise will be possible that might otherwise be impossible.

Activity, Energy, and Alertness

The mental benefits of yoga are immense. You experience better mood, fulfilling sleep, maintain good posture, less stress, and a greater sense of self-esteem.

Respiratory training takes these benefits a step ahead. The brain consumes a fifth of the oxygen in our body, so taking in more oxygen will improve its functioning and alertness.

And BREINEX Plus helps you with exactly that!

Start to feel more energetic than ever before

Carry your respiratory trainer in your pocket! BREINEX Plus weighs only 72 grams.If you can’t imagine how light that is, let’s just say it is equivalent to the weight of an egg.

It is small, light, and portable!


3 Easy steps to head towards healthier lungs

Order BREINEX Plus

Get the order, open the pack

Start using BREINEX Plus daily

Notice gradual changes and heap towards respiratory strength like never before. It is easy and convenient to use and is less time-consuming—You only need to spend five minutes daily. Use BREINEX Plus, Enhance your respiratory health!

Everyone Is Talking About BREINEX

 I went through a rough time in order to quit smoking, BREINEX helped me to begin the quitting process.


Just started using this product. The customer service was commendable, they helped me with training and addressed all my concerns without delay.


I quit smoking eight months ago and still face a lot of respiratory issues, including breathing problems. BREINEX Lite has helped me a lot, especially during winter.


I quit smoking just a month ago, and BREINEX has supported me during relapses and breathing issues. It is an effective product and helps me maintain my lung strength.


I haven’t smoked in 5 years as I was diagnosed with respiratory issues. My lung rehabilitation process started with taking several drugs prescribed by doctors. I came across BREINEX and gave it a try. I feel much better, healthier, and completely free of drugs.


Your BREINEX Pack!

Kit Includes:
BREINEX Breathing Trainer
Medical grade and Latex-free mouthpiece
Nose clip
Air filters
User manual

Unboxing Video!

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Choose BREINEX Plus and meet a healthier you.

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