Perfect for Lung rehabilitation, children between 6 to 19 years & regular/ex Smokers | Train Lung Endurance & Unblocks Airways

It helps you:

Ease breathing and relieve shortness of breath

Keep airways open longer

Decrease oxygen demand

Strengthen your diaphragm

Release trapped air

Breathing Trainers act as a catalyst that accelerates lung healing by enhancing your respiratory endurance.

How does BREINEX help you?


If you are hesitant to use any drug medication, BREINEX Lite is perfect for you. It is portable, easy to use, and drug-free!

Breathing trainers clear the lung airways blocked by smoking. The result?

You start living a healthy life with reduced weariness and improved lung function. A new hero is born to their kids and family.


BREINEX Lite assists you with deep breathing and increases the oxygen exchange in your lungs, providing multiple health benefits like:

    • Anxiety and Stress management
    • Better sleep
    • Improved focus

Discover your new self with the BREINEX Lite!

If you wish to prevent your lungs from further damage, it is never too late to begin your rehabilitation journey with BREINEX LITE.



Carry your health buddy in your pocket.

BREINEX Lite weighs only 72 grams.If you can’t imagine how light that is, let’s just say it is equivalent to the weight of an egg.

It is small, light, and portable!

3 easy steps to get started

Notice gradual changes towards a life healthier and stronger than ever before.

1. Order your BREINEX Lite
2. Get your delivered order in 2-3 working days
3. Start using your BREINEX Lite

Breath Better.

Original price was: £34.99.Current price is: £17.99.

Everyone Is Talking About BREINEX

 I went through a rough time in order to quit smoking, BREINEX helped me to begin the quitting process.


Just started using this product. The customer service was commendable, they helped me with training and addressed all my concerns without delay.


I quit smoking eight months ago and still face a lot of respiratory issues, including breathing problems. BREINEX Lite has helped me a lot, especially during winter.


Post-Covid resulted in breathing issues. Using the breathing trainer really seems to have helped. I started on the low resistance model and steadily increased resistance over the course of a month. This has really helped my breathing, and I will shortly feel able to buy the medium resistance model.. The only issue I had initially was cleaning the 'trainer'. However it easily pulls apart, and I detach the top section with filter, and rinse the lower section in an antibacterial soap solution, followed by clean water and then allow to dry before reassembly. This does not appear to damage the functionality of the trainer.


My wife uses it. She says it's very good.


I quit smoking just a month ago, and BREINEX has supported me during relapses and breathing issues. It is an effective product and helps me maintain my lung strength.


I haven’t smoked in 5 years as I was diagnosed with respiratory issues. My lung rehabilitation process started with taking several drugs prescribed by doctors. I came across BREINEX and gave it a try. I feel much better, healthier, and completely free of drugs.


Over the past few years I have noticed how out of breath I get & how much effort it takes to breath deeply , I first noticed this on Facebook so I thought I would try to find it elsewhere, before I ordered it I read some of the reviews & it was 50 50 with some good & some bad ones , so I took the plunge & ordered it , when it arrived I read the instructions which were very easy to understand & started to use this device at night after my shower , 3 weeks into this & I can honestly say it has allowed me to breath deeper , I don't get out of breath anymore & my lungs feel so much better, for the small price I paid for it , it is worth its weight in gold , best product I have ever bought & would recommend it to anyone , 10/10

Karl H

Exactly as advertised . If you need to help your lungs it is good value for money.


Superb pre and after sales service.



BREINEX Breathing Trainer
Medical grade and Latex-free mouthpiece
Nose clip
Air filters
User manual

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Breath Better.

Original price was: £34.99.Current price is: £17.99.

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